Salted duck egg have been brought into Singapore by KYH and we process the Salted duck egg into salted duck egg yolk for dumpling, mooncake, hawkers and restaurant.  Don't be surprised when you are eating fried prawn with salted duck egg yolk, you might be tasting KYH brand Salted duck eggs!  
During mooncake festival, Kai Young Huat usually breaks salted duck eggs for mooncake makers and hotelier. 

Kai Young Huat imports 1/2 million of salted duck eggs from Vietnam monthly and sell salted duck eggs to major supermarket such as NTUC, Coldstorage, Shop N Save and wholesale centers.  KYH is one of the largest importer of Salted duck egg statistic from Singapore AVA.  


Implemented revised egg quality screening procedure.  


Upgraded delivery system to ensure efficiency.